Flatbread                                                                                   Pizza dough baked with mozzarella and herbs,

and served with homemade pesto sauce


Served with three empanadas and aji  (Colombian salsa) and pineapple sauce on the side

Beef                                                                                            Filled with beef, potatoes, tomatoes,

onions, garlic, red pepper, and spices.                                                                                               Chicken                                                                                      

Filled with chicken, rice, tomatoes, onions,

garlic, red pepper, and spices.                                                                                         Vegetarian                                                                                 

Filled with pepper (red, orange, and yellow),

tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant          

* Feel free to mix and match *                                                                                                                                                   BRICK FIRED PIZZA

Pepperoni                                                                                 Pepperonis, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce  

Marga-Luna                                                                            Mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato sauce, and

extra virgin olive oil                                                       Capricho                                                                                  Bacon, mascarpone  cheese, purple onions,

and tomato sauce                                                                     Chicken and Mushrooms                                                     

Chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, purple

onions, and tomato sauce                

Vegetarian Fiesta                                                                   Mozzarella cheese, red onion, mushrooms,

sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, arugula, spinach,

extra virgin olive oil, barrel aged balsamic vinegar,

and tomato sauce                                           

Red Temptation                                                                       

Bacon, apples, parsley, mozzarella, and tomato sauce


Fruit Smoothies:                                                                      Passion fruit, Guanabana w/ Mint, or Mango               

Soda/Pop (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Diet Coke)                     

Hot Tea                                                                                 

Ginger Green Tea




                      5 ounce / 10 ounce / 16 ounce

Santa Diabla  – Barrel Aged Raspberry  –  6%       

A combination of two wild fermented beers aged for over six months in Italian puncheons and transferred onto a massive amount of raspberries for re-fermentation.

Cloud Animals  – Hazy IPA  –  7.4%                         

I look into the sky, and what do I see, a dry                hopped animal with over four pounds of hops per barrel to display our love of hops.

I Am Dynamite  – IPA  –  6.6%               

                                                                                                 ” I am not man, I am dynamite,” proclaimed    Nietzche, In a similar sense this is not an IPA, it is   an sensory exploration of hops.

Fusion of Dying Stars  – Dry hopped Amber  –  6.7%                                                                                                    Why are so many barns painted red, because red paint was cheap… but why is red paint cheap? It begins with the explosion of dying stars releasing iron into the universe along with other elements. And these elements also arrive to unleash a combination of hints of chocolate and malty goodness to support a layer of tropical hops.


Barichara  –  Barrel aged Apricot  –  5.7%                                                                   

Mountains have a way of preserving treasures. Deep in the Andes of Colombia, cobblestone streets turn into paths through fossilized remains, colonial architecture outshines Hollywood dreams, and smiles welcome an endless stream of strangers to its unmistakable beauty. Inspired by the magic that flows from the wells of el pueblo más bonito de Colombia, we crafted this little delight and placed it in wine barrels on a mixture of wild creatures that leave spicy barnyard notes to tickle the tongue, and once it decided to leave its cage, it sought out the fruits of apricots to combine into a humble work of art that resides in one beautiful afternoon in a place named Barichara. Salud amigos.

 Lord Louie  – Porter  –  5.4%                                                                                                          

He sits in the front of the barrel, but more importantly he resides in the house of Luna, he’s full of dark malt flavors with a dose of dry hopping with Cascade hops to keep him from fighting to gain the throne.

Furball  – Session IPA  –  5%                                                        

 It’s furry and stuffed full of hops like his big brother Cloud Animals, but not as big, so perhaps a bit more domesticated for those that enjoy  hoppiness without taking on the beast.

Queen Lunatic  – Rustic Blonde  –  5.1%                                                                                                                 

She presides on top of the barrel in our logo, she is the queen of our hearts and  the queen of our house, and she brings to you this delicate and lagered blonde ale with subtle notes of flowers and a little spiciness that is our Luna!


Select Four                                                                     

Add Santa Diabla / Barichara                                                  


*These are can conditioned*

 Otoño Salvaje  –  Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale  6%

The innocent laughter of children begins filling school auditoriums; ghosts and ghouls creep from their summer slumber; mothers carefully dust off handed-down holiday cookbooks; and the trees not to be out-shined, radiate the American landscape with an explosion of colors. While here on the farm, it’s going to be an “otono salvaje”, a wild autumn, dry-hopped to crash the Halloween punch bowl of barrel aged complexity to celebrate the harvest of hops.

Chocombia  – Imperial Stout aged on cacao nibs and  coffee   9%                                                                                

In Colombia, according to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, priests “levitate by means of chocolate.” In Wawaka, one has yet to see such spectacles, but on the farm, a levitation of the senses transpires within the decadent immensity of dark and caramel malts aged on two of Colombia’s finest exports, cacao nibs de Santander and lightly roasted coffee from the lush volcanic region of Tolima.   



Location 4319 W Highway US Highway 6 Wawaka, IN 46794 Phone (260) 350-9137 Hours Thurs: 4-8pm Fri: 4-9pm Sat: 1-9pm Sun: 12-6pm
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