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Fried plantains with spices served with pineapple salsa and sour cream salsa with herbs

Tortilla Chips 

Served with Spicy Peach Salsa


Pizza dough baked with mozzarella and herbs, and served with homemade sour cream and chive sauce


Served with three empanadas and aji  (Colombian salsa) and pineapple habanero sauce on the side

*Empanadas are gluten free*


Filled with beef, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, red pepper, and spices. 


Filled with chicken, rice, tomatoes, onions, garlic, red pepper, and spices.                                    


Filled with pepper (red, orange, and yellow), tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant    

Jalapeno Popper Empanandas   

Filled with cream cheese, bacons, and jalapenos   




Pepperonis, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce  


Mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato sauce, and extra virgin olive oil                                                    


Bacon, mascarpone  cheese, purple onions, and tomato sauce                                                        

Chicken and Mushrooms                                                     

Chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, purple onions, and tomato sauce                

Vegetarian Fiesta                                                                  

Mozzarella cheese, red onion, mushrooms, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, arugula, spinach, extra virgin olive oil, barrel aged balsamic vinegar, and tomato sauce                                           

Red Temptation                                                                       

Bacon, apples, parsley, mozzarella, and tomato sauce


Pepperonis, Sausage, Bacon, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, and tomato sauce



Fruit Smoothies: Passion fruit, Guanabana w/ Mint, or Mango               


Hot Tea                                                                                 



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Funk Creature II                 Dry-Hopped Ale Aged in Wine Barrels       6% abv

Why tempt the gods and play with thunder and lightning? To make electricity of course! The same could be asked about mixed fermentation. Why ferment with so many different creatures and such uncertainty for months or years, when anything could go wrong? To electrify the senses of course! Funk Creature II is our second attempt at a complex golden ale fermented for an extended period in oak wine barrels by various microorganisms and then dry-hopped with a generous amount of Cascade and German Hallertau Hops.

  • Available in 4 Packs


Wawaka Pils  –  German-style unfiltered Pilsner  –  4.9%

Glitter blinds my eyes! So give me something outside of that ephemeral city life, give something that ain’t no trend, give me something that I can feel in my fingers. Maybe it ain’t that fancy, no big ole lines awaiting – but I want to taste the crisp flowery elegance that only can be found outside of the glitter. Give me a pilsner in small town America, surrounded by the farms that keep it running!

  • Available in 4 packs


Von Catenstein  Schwarzbier/Black Lager   5.4% abv

Centuries ago in a German monastery, lived a group of sad monks. One day, they met a cool cat named Von Catenstein. Heroically, he set out to rid the monastery of the rats, and the monks became happy. To honor him, the monks brewed a lager, it was black like him, yet crisp and crushable to not weigh him down.

  • Available in 4 Packs


Illuminating Glow       Double IPA       7.7% abv

We arrived in the dark, full of individual particles trying to avoid each other in the night sky. Fast burning stars. Oh you traveling glow worm, there are far more wondrous things on this strange planet than those stars. Everywhere, there is electricity between us, pulsating with all the tingling possibilities, combining into inconceivable collective relations. What wild relations indeed. Gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak forces flowing throughout the known universe. But here, and only here, on this planet, do we have this relation of love. In your heart, the way you smile, and with your illuminating glow, sometimes the disappointments, failures, and broken hearts become too much… enough to darken anyone. Let the stars crash! Launch your flares, spark the box of fireworks, burn all the bonfires, and transform this electricity, while you can, into an ever greater illuminating glow! Illuminating Glow is a big IPA dry hopped with more Citra hops than humanely possible to taste.

  • Available in 4 Packs


I Am Dynamite         IPA         6.5%                                              

“I am not man, I am dynamite,” proclaimed Nietzsche. This is not an IPA, it is a sensory exploration of hops.

  • Available in 4 Packs


Chocombia       Stout aged on cacao nibs and coffee     8% abv

In Colombia, according to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, priests “levitate by means of chocolate.” In Wawaka, one has yet to see such spectacles, but on the farm, a levitation of the senses transpires within the decadent immensity of dark and caramel malts aged on two of Colombia’s finest exports, cacao nibs de Santander and lightly roasted coffee from the lush volcanic region of Tolima.  

  • Available in 4 Packs


Loquita    Ale aged in Oak Barrels with Plums   6.2% abv

Was it madness to think of her? Waking up to realize I still dream of you. So many years have passed and moments filling the space. What a strange dual life, present here, breathing in, observing this and that, yet dancing, kissing, feeling those memories of the past as if it was yesterday… our mind has no time. What a crazy life. Loquita, do you remember me? A wild ale aged in oak barrels for over a year and then refermented on Italian plums.

  • Available in 4 Packs


Laughter      Festbier        5.9% abv

Did you hear the one about… the joke faded into the background, while the party erupted into laughter. With that little joke it turned into a festival and everyone was smiling – “forget about your worries, and enjoy the Fest,” they said. A touch more malty than a pilsner, a beer intended for when the nights become longer, one to keep the festival going!

  • Available in 4 Packs


Tango Macabre      Baltic Porter      7% abv

A fire without fuel, a darkness that follows, and nothing left but smoke. We thought we knew so much. Out of the ashes, long boney fingers stretch out to take our hand. “Take off your crown to join the dance,” a voice whispers. But this is not the end of time to dance. Oh no, let us tango! Tango Macabre is dark and full of rich malty complexity with a hint of smoke on the nose, yet surprisingly smooth from its extended lagering. 


[Explosion Booming]          Barrel Aged Mango/Passion fruit      5.9%        

 …so read the [closed captions] on the screen. A disconnect of senses. Our eyes flashed. Our ears heard nothing. Was it loud? Everything in that moment became uncanny – familiar but different. Passion fruit and mango explode on the tongue, while the once familiar booming sensation becomes altered. Altered? The boom is altered by the transformative force of mixed fermentation. If you think you know these fruits, think again… mixed fermentation always transforms the mind!

  • Available in 4 Packs


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