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Fried plantains with spices served with pineapple salsa and sour cream salsa with herbs

Tortilla Chips 

Served with Spicy Peach Salsa


Pizza dough baked with mozzarella and herbs,

and served with homemade pesto sauce


Served with three empanadas and aji  (Colombian salsa) and pineapple habanero sauce on the side

*Empanadas are gluten free*


Filled with beef, potatoes, tomatoes,

onions, garlic, red pepper, and spices. 


Filled with chicken, rice, tomatoes, onions,

garlic, red pepper, and spices.                                    


Filled with pepper (red, orange, and yellow),

tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant    

 Jalapeno Popper Empanandas   

Filled with cream cheese, bacons, and jalapenos   




Pepperonis, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce  


Mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato sauce, and

extra virgin olive oil                                                      


Bacon, mascarpone  cheese, purple onions,

and tomato sauce                                                                    

Chicken and Mushrooms                                                     

Chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, purple

onions, and tomato sauce                

Vegetarian Fiesta                                                                  

Mozzarella cheese, red onion, mushrooms,

sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, arugula, spinach,

extra virgin olive oil, barrel aged balsamic vinegar,

and tomato sauce                                           

Red Temptation                                                                       

Bacon, apples, parsley, mozzarella, and tomato sauce


Pepperonis, Sausage, Bacon, green peppers, onions, 

mushrooms, mozzarella, and tomato sauce


Fruit Smoothies: Passion fruit, Guanabana w/ Mint, or Mango               


Hot Tea                                                                                 




Beers on Tap

Absorbed by Light – IPA – 6.8% abv

Joy. Sadness. No matter. Everything will unfold in front of your mosaic eyes. Grab a hold, it goes too fast – yet it seems so far the sun to the Earth. One day the ground becomes warm, and off we follow the light towards the sky, we are the children of the ever-glowing sun. Stardust transforms us into sublime citra flowers of concentrated sunlight. Have you not ever tasted the sun? Although you may never dance high in the galactic sky, when we meet, you will become absorbed by light!

  • Available in 4 Packs


I Am Dynamite  – IPA  –  6% abv                                   

“I am not man, I am dynamite,” proclaimed Nietzsche. This is not an IPA, it is a sensory exploration of hops. Dry Hopped with Motueka, Cascade, and Centennial 

  • Available in 4 Packs


Tango Macabre  Baltic Porter 7% abv

A fire without fuel, a darkness that follows, and nothing left but smoke. We thought we knew so much. Out of the ashes, long boney fingers stretch out to take our hand. “Take off your crown to join the dance,” a voice whispers. But this is not the end of time to dance. Oh no, let us tango! Tango Macabre is dark and full of rich malty complexity with a hint of smoke on the nose, yet surprisingly smooth from its extended lagering.


Radiates Sunshine  Double IPA 7.6% abv

A neon flash. Stardust spreading at interstellar speeds. Everything comes at once. Our senses are too much. Color and light evolve into eyes. Words soon follow. Yet this experience is far more intense. Breathe. Slow it down… we realize too late. Your life is extraordinary. Inside of you is a sun ready to explode. Strike the match! Dry hopped with Idaho 7 and Strata


Von Catenstein  Schwarzbier/Black Lager   5.2% abv

 Centuries ago in a German monastery, lived a group of sad monks. One day, they met a cool cat named Von Catenstein. Heroically, he set out to rid the monastery of the rats, and the monks became happy. To honor him, the monks brewed a lager, it was black like him, yet crisp and crushable to not weigh him down.


Soil and Erosion     Vienna Lager  4.5% abv

These tired hands. The worn out soil decomposing beneath me. A drought is on the horizon and a dust bowl blows ever nearer, it falls apart so slowly and then all at once… yet somehow we must go on. A quixotic quest, fool’s gold, dug up with rusted shovels. Why would anyone farm against such odds? Oh my friend, the barley is drying up and the hops are on fire. My glass is empty and the beer has run dry – this is a product of the land! As the farmer goes, so goes the brewery. Soil and Erosion is a reddish beer with just enough malt and caramel notes to remind us of the great joys that the farmer unleashes.


Wawaka Pils  –  German-style Pilsner  –  4.5%

Glitter blinds my eyes! So give me something outside of that ephemeral city life, give something that ain’t no trend, give me something that I can feel in my fingers. Maybe it ain’t that fancy, no big ole lines awaiting – but I want to taste the crisp flowery elegance that only can be found outside of the glitter. Give me a pilsner in small town America, surrounded by the farms that keep it running!


Amor Fati – Vinobeer  (2021) – 6.4% abv

Barrel aged ale w/La Crescent and St. Pepin white wine grapes

Love your fate… delight in the humor of the gods. As I opened the valve, fate seemed so cruel, everything became dark. Love your fate, traverse into unknown lands, even taboo fields. Venturing into the field of wine, digesting its literature, asking forbidden questions to demystify its foreign techniques and discover something called an “orange wine.” No, not a wine made from oranges, but a wine that is aged on white wine grape skins. Amor Fati after being aged for over a year in Italian wine barrels, it was then transferred onto white wine grapes, where it was then aged another two months, thus developing its golden orange color. Wine grapes from Clearspring vineyard in Lagrange County, Indiana. 


Can Conditioned Beers 

[Explosion Booming] Barrel Aged Mango/Passion fruit – 5.9%      

…so read the [closed captions] on the screen. A disconnect of senses. Our eyes flashed. Our ears heard nothing. Was it loud? Everything in that moment became uncanny – familiar but different. Passion fruit and mango explode on the tongue, while the once familiar booming sensation becomes altered. Altered? The boom is altered by the transformative force of mixed fermentation. If you think you know these fruits, think again… mixed fermentation always transforms the mind!


Nighttime in the WoodsDark Farmhouse Ale aged on orange peels and cacao   9.0% abv

Funky things happen in the woods once the sun goes down. Everything becomes dark, but of course our wild senses adjust, and the howling ruckus ignites… Nighttime in the Woods is a dark mixed fermented ale that was aged for over 2 years in red wine barrels and later transferred onto orange peels and cacao. It is sour, complex, and reminiscent of a Flanders Red, a beautiful beer to share with friends and lovers!


Funk Creature: Galaxy – Dry-hopped Wine Barrel Aged – 6% abv

Why tempt the gods and play with thunder and lightning? To make electricity of course! The same could be asked about mixed fermentation. Why ferment with so many different creatures and such uncertainty for months or years, when anything could go wrong? To electrify the senses of course! Funk Creature is a complex golden ale fermented for an extended period in oak red wine barrels by various microorganisms and then dry-hopped with Galaxy hops. It can be drank fresh or aged over an extended period of time to watch it transform.




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