About the Logo

The logo is inspired by three things: (A) our beloved family members, or as some people might simply call them pets, there is a silhouetted dog in the background, her name was Marlo, she lived a great life full of many happy rolls in the grass. The cat on top of the barrel is Luna, she is from Bogota, Colombia and loves jumping on top of things and climbing, she has taught the other cats how to do the same. The cat sitting in front of the barrel, he really does sit down like that, his name is Louie, and he is from the farm, we rescued him when he was very sick. (B) The drawing of the farmhouse is inspired by the actual barns that were standing in this location, they had a Mail Pouch logo painted on them, and were even included in a few photo books, but unfortunately the wear and tear of life brought them down. (C) And finally, the barrel, as a farmhouse house brewery, we plan to produce a wide variety of mixed culture beers that will be aged in barrels and have fruit and other delicious thing added to them.

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