Illuminating Glow      

IPA       7.2% abv

We arrived in the dark, full of individual particles trying to avoid each other in the night sky. Fast burning stars. Oh you traveling glow worm, there are far more wondrous things on this strange planet than those stars. Everywhere, there is electricity between us, pulsating with all the tingling possibilities, combining into inconceivable collective relations. What wild relations indeed. Gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak forces flowing throughout the known universe. But here, and only here, on this planet, do we have this relation of love. In your heart, the way you smile, and with your illuminating glow, sometimes the disappointments, failures, and broken hearts become too much… enough to darken anyone. Let the stars crash! Launch your flares, spark the box of fireworks, burn all the bonfires, and transform this electricity, while you can, into an ever greater illuminating glow! Illuminating Glow is a big IPA dry hopped with more Citra hops than humanely possible to taste.

Vibrating AM Frequency

IPA       6.5% abv

…Static. The occasional unidentifiable word mixing with eureka. Scanning, searching for clarity among the noise. Turning the dial for something better, only to regrettably lose what little we had. Then with an incremental adjustment that we despairingly think makes no difference, it hits us with the force of a Tsar Bomba, sound transforms into music! Dreams of a mother lying in bed dance on the space-time fabric, gradually crystallizing into the footsteps of a blazing sun. Vibrating AM Frequency will retune your frequency into loving the beautiful tropical delights of IPAs that like shooting stars can arise from the night skies. Static…

Dark Terrain       Munich Dunkel     

5.4% abv

Shadows stretch across the field, slowly consuming the last particles of light. When your eyes can see no more and the ground finally falls out from below your feet, you must go on. Step into the darkness and rediscover it all without sight. Be guided by voices! What will you find in this dark terrain? Dark Terrain is a smooth dark lager for those that love malt forward beers, but want to enjoy more than one. *Gluten Reduced*

BARICHARA      Oak Barrel Aged Apricot 

6% abv

Mountains have a way of preserving treasures. Deep in the Andes of Colombia, cobblestone streets turn into paths through fossilized remains, colonial architecture outshines Hollywood dreams, and smiles welcome an endless stream of strangers to its unmistakable beauty. Inspired by the magic that flows from the wells of el pueblo más bonito de Colombia, we crafted this little delight and placed it in wine barrels on a mixture of wild creatures that leave spicy barnyard notes to tickle the tongue, and once it decided to leave its cage, it sought out the fruits of apricots to combine into a humble work of art that resides in one beautiful afternoon in a place named Barichara. Salud amigos.

WAWAKA PILS    German-style Pilsner

4.9%  abv

Glitter blinds my eyes! So give me something outside of that ephemeral city life, give something that ain’t no trend, give me something that I can feel in my fingers. Maybe it ain’t that fancy, no big ole lines awaiting – but I want to taste the crisp flowery elegance that only can be found outside of the glitter. Give me a pilsner in small town America, surrounded by the farms that keep it running! *Gluten reduced*

HANDSOME CAT  New Zealand Pilsner

5.6% abv

Why am I so good looking? They call me the cat’s meow and tell me how purfect I am in my pajamas. Paparazzi flies around me like a flashy cat toy when all I want is a cardboard box and some catnip. Now I’m internet famous, kids be watching me on social media… the coolest cat since Kathmandu. Handsome Cat is an easy drinking pilsner but with enough brilliant aroma from the New Zealand hops of Motueka and Riwaka to convert a few IPA drinkers to lagers. *Gluten reduced*

NIGHTTIME IN THE WOODS    Dark Farmhouse Ale aged in Oak Barrels   

10.1% abv

Funky things happen in the woods once the sun goes down. Everything becomes dark, but of course our wild senses adjust, and the howling ruckus ignites… Nighttime in the Woods is a dark mixed fermented ale that was aged for over 3 years in oak red wine barrels. It is sour, complex, and reminiscent of a Flanders Red, a beautiful beer to share with friends and lovers!

A TREMENDOUS LOVE  Ale aged in Oak Barrels with Tart Cherries  

6.1% abv

Did it fall apart or fade away? Do you still listen to a beating heart? Echoes of time without direction, past and present are illusions. Recompositions of matter, the turning upside down of an hour glass is the flow of the universe. Sand between your hands… although your love is closer than you think. Dreams are where it lives while wildly growing in the marvelous weeds. What once was, will become new again. A mixed-fermented ale aged for over a year in wine oak barrels and then refermented on tart cherries.

FUNK CREATURE II   Dry-Hopped Ale Aged in Wine Barrels

6% abv

Why tempt the gods and play with thunder and lightning? To make electricity of course! The same could be asked about mixed fermentation. Why ferment with so many different creatures and such uncertainty for months or years, when anything could go wrong? To electrify the senses of course! Funk Creature II is our second attempt at a complex golden ale fermented for an extended period in oak wine barrels by various microorganisms and then dry-hopped with a generous amount of Cascade and German Hallertau Hops.

LOQUITA    Ale aged in Oak Barrels with Plums  

6.2% abv

Was it madness to think of her? Waking up to realize I still dream of you. So many years have passed and moments filling the space. What a strange dual life, present here, breathing in, observing this and that, yet dancing, kissing, feeling those memories of the past as if it was yesterday… our mind has no time. What a crazy life. Loquita, do you remember me? A wild ale aged in oak barrels for over a year and then refermented on Italian plums.

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