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Cosmic Colors – IPA – 5.8% abv

High above and far away from terra firma are sounds we have never heard, flavors that you have not tasted, and colors no one has seen. Someday it will all come to you like an immediate blast to the head. There are so many things in the universe that have yet to reach our senses. The colors surround us now… let them radiate in your eyes. Dry hopped with El Dorado, Strata, and Citra.

Salento – Helles – 4.7% abv

Time is fleeting – “Go go go!” – the unexplored world awaits you amigo. Onward to Colombia, once your feet hit the ground hitch a jimmy to Salento. You’ll see it all: nevados erupting, colonial streets filled with aromas of coffee and visions of Bolivar, palm trees caressing the clouds. Breathe. Remember to take it easy and take it all in as you become lost in los bosques de neblina, life will reawaken your childlike wonderment… if you allow it. This beer was designed for this adventure, easy going but with immense unexplored delights, a note of malt accompanied by restrained hoppiness.

Attraction  – Vinobeer (2019)- 7.5% abv

Barrel aged ale with De Chaunac red wine grapes 

Do I dare? Our eyes meet for an instantaneous moment… was it anything more? My heart pounds louder. I’m intoxicated on this aroma, my cheeks are blushed and my lips are dark red. Stop resisting, let go for god’s sake, give in to your attraction! Attraction is a combination of two irresistible forces: mixed fermented ales aged for over a year in Sangiovese wine barrels from Italy and red wine grapes from Michigan. 

Laughter  – Octoberfest/Festbier – 5.8% abv

 Did you hear the one about… I couldn’t hear anymore of the joke, but the party irrupted into laughter. With that little joke it turned into a festival and everyone was smiling – “Forget about your worries, and enjoy the Fest,” they said. A touch more malty than a pilsner, a beer intended for when the nights become longer, one to keep the festival going!

I Am Dynamite  – IPA  –  6.3%                                      

“I am not man, I am dynamite,” proclaimed Nietzche. This is not an IPA, it is a sensory exploration of hops.

Von Catenstein  Schwarzbier/Black Lager  5.4%

 Centuries ago, in a German monastery, lived a group of sad monks. One day, they met a cool cat named Von Catenstein. Heroically, he set out to rid the monastery of the rats, and the monks became happy. To honor him, the monks brewed a lager, it was black like him, yet crisp and crushable to not weigh him down.

Chocombia  – Stout aged on cacao nibs and coffee  – 7.1%

In Colombia, according to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, priests “levitate by means of chocolate.” In Wawaka, one has yet to see such spectacles, but on the farm, a levitation of the senses transpires within the decadent immensity of dark and caramel malts aged on two of Colombia’s finest exports, cacao nibs de Santander and lightly roasted coffee from the lush volcanic region of Tolima.  

Dark Terrain – Dunkel – 5.0% abv

Shadows stretch across the field, slowly consuming the last particles of light. When your eyes can see no more and the ground finally falls out from below your feet, you must go on. Step into the darkness and rediscover it all without sight. Be guided by voices! What will you find in this dark terrain? Dark Terrain is a smooth dark lager for those that love malt forward beers, but want to enjoy more than one.




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