Laughter  – Octoberfest/Festbier – 5.9% abv

Did you hear the one about… I couldn’t hear anymore of the joke, but the party erupted into laughter. With that little joke it turned into a festival and everyone was smiling – “forget about your worries, and enjoy the Fest,” they said. A touch more malty than a pilsner, a beer intended for when the nights become longer, one to keep the festival going!

Do you Dream in Color?  – Coffee Stout 6.3% abv

How do we interrupt a dream? Is it an unconscious desire, a process of memory development, or something more bizarre? Do insects dream, and if they dream, can we even begin to imagine it? And yes Phil, I also wonder do androids dream of electric sheep? If only I could ask the right question, but my slumber has passed, an aroma far too delightful has awoken me from my colorless dream. A room filled with freshly brewed coffee, the subtle notes of fruits from Ethiopia, enhanced by Turning Point’s artisan roast which admirably combines with the intense notes of chocolate and maltiness found in its dark base.  

Joyful Smile Machine – IPA   7.2% abv

Machines are everywhere in many different forms. Can you feel them constantly at work? Rubbing against your skin, tingling your tongue and exciting your eyes. Connecting to other machines. Each machine producing its own effects and being affected by the Spinozian universe at large. Cars and their intense speed, computers and the atomic explosion in your mind, lips encountering other lips and their lustful kisses of ooh wee down to my knees. Connect to this IPA machine and explore the sensory connections produced by hops. Dry Hopped: Mosaic

CAN CONDITIONED (carbonated 100% by yeast):

Santa Diabla  – Barrel Aged Raspberry/Blackberry  –  5.9% abv                                                                            

Is she a saint or a devil? Am I in love or is it merely infatuation? Does it matter? We will never really know the intention of the other. To live is to roll the dice, risk being burnt by the flames of hell or fly into the glorious saintly delights of the sky. Whether you find a devil or saint, maybe both, in this drink I do not know… Santa Diabla was aged for over two years in oak with a host of microbes and then re-fermented on top of blackberries and raspberries.

Que Chimba – Barrel aged guava – 6% abv

I arrived late to the party. “Que chimba,” he said as I walked through the door. What did it mean? I started to think about it as bodies passed me by and jokes floated over my head. Que chimba, que chimba, que chimba. Before I knew it, the party had ended and I missed it. As I sat down outside, a woman approached and handed me a beer. Soon enough, I forgot what I was thinking. I began to explore this complex creation. How the guava interacts with the funky characteristics of the microorganisms and the wine barrel. She smiled, and asked, “what do you think of it?” I replied, “that’s great!”

Nighttime in the WoodsDark Farmhouse Stout aged on vanilla beans and cacao 9.8% abv

Funky things happen in the woods once the sun goes down. Everything becomes dark, but of course our wild senses adjust, and the howling ruckus ignites… Nighttime in the Woods is a mixed fermented stout that was aged for over 18 months in red wine barrels and later transferred onto vanilla beans and cacao.

Funk Creature: Galaxy – Dry-hopped Barrel Aged – 6% abv

Why tempt the gods and play with thunder and lightning? To make electricity of course! The same could be asked about mixed fermentation. Why ferment with so many different creatures and such uncertainty for months or years, when anything could go wrong? To electrify the senses of course! Funk Creature is a complex golden ale fermented for an extended period in oak red wine barrels by various microorganisms and then dry-hopped with Galaxy hops. It can be drank fresh or aged over an extended period of time to watch it transform.

Attraction  – Vinobeer (2020)- 8.2% abv

Barrel aged ale with Marquette red wine grapes  

Do I dare? Our eyes meet for an instantaneous moment… was it anything more? My heart pounds louder. I’m intoxicated on this aroma, my cheeks are blushed and my lips are dark red. Stop resisting, let go for god’s sake, give in to your attraction! Attraction is a combination of two irresistible forces: mixed fermented ales aged for over a year in Sangiovese wine barrels from Italy and red wine grapes from Clearspring vineyard in Indiana. 

Modern Physics – Vinobeer (2019) – 8% abv

Blend of barrel aged stout and ale w/De Chaunac red wine grapes

One night as Galileo Galilei starred into the heavens, the most profound thought occurred to him while sampling the latest vintage of wine from the local vineyards of Tuscany, “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” In our vinobeers though, which contain not only grapes, but barley, requires a more powerful force than water to hold together the cosmic rays of sunlight, yes, the force of beer! Modern Physics is a complex beast designed for aging to fully expose every last particle of sunshine, it combines our barrel aged red wine grape ale of Attraction with a Italian Sangiovese wine barrel aged stout.


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