Mochila – Italian Pilsner – 5.3% abv

She said grab your “mochila” in her Spanish accent. I tossed in my Eurorail pass, some clothes, and a copy of Rick Steve’s European guidebook, and off we went! Sometimes, that’s all you need, a backpack with your lover (or as she called it, “una mochila”), filled with European dreams, crisscrossing through borders, and crowded into hostel rooms with new found amigos. Ah to be young and backpacking! Until then, I’ll be sipping on “Mochila,” exploring it’s various malts from Germany and Italy, while taking in its flowery dry-hop delights from German and Slovenian hops. 

Socrates – Barrel Aged Doppelbock – 7.3 abv%

Was he a cat or a philosopher…or is it a beer. Names take on so many different meanings, they inevitably lose all meaning. While on trial for corrupting the youth, Socrates declared, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This doppelbock is intended to be analyzed, and force you to examine your own life. As you encounter the flavors of Tuscany from the red wine barrel where it was once held, our past vibrantly appears, it is immediate, but just as I can almost touch it, the present notes from the wine barrel and German malts transport me to the spectacular now. Keep examining your life!

Otoño Salvaje  – Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale (Dry hopped with Citra)  6%

The innocent laughter of children begins filling school auditoriums; ghosts and ghouls creep from their summer slumber; mothers carefully dust off handed-down holiday cookbooks; and the trees not to be out-shined, radiate the American landscape with an explosion of colors. While here on the farm, it’s going to be an “otono salvaje”, a wild autumn, dry-hopped with Citra to crash the Halloween punch bowl of barrel aged complexity to celebrate the harvest of hops.

Rural Ingenuity  – Vinobeer (2019) – 7.1% abv

Blend of barrel aged ales w/red and white wine grapes

From a high rise where paper is deliriously printed, it all appears simple. But in the vineyards and across the fields of barley where the work is done – there is a rural ingenuity: a know-how, the capacity to take on all the obstacles and somehow keep thinking, creating, and when the rains continue to pour and the soil dries up, they keep finding a way. And with such dexterous ingenuity, it’s no wonder the complex appears so simple to the paper printers. In honor of this rural ingenuity, we bring you a blend of barrel aged ales refermented on red (De Chaunac) and white (Seyval Blanc) wine grapes from Michigan.

Amor Fati – Vinobeer  (2019) – 6.7% abv

Barrel aged ale w/Seyval Blanc white wine grapes

Love your fate… delight in the humor of the gods. As I opened the valve, fate seemed so cruel, everything became dark. Love your fate, traverse into unknown lands, even taboo fields. Venturing into the field of wine, digesting its literature, asking forbidden questions to demystify its foreign techniques and discover something called an “orange wine.” No, not a wine made from oranges, but a wine that is aged on white wine grape skins. Amor Fati after being aged for over a year in Italian wine barrels, it was then transferred onto white wine grapes, where it was then aged another two months, thus developing its golden orange color.  

Attraction  – Vinobeer (2019)- 7.5% abv

Barrel aged ale w/De Chaunac red wine grapes  

Do I dare? Our eyes meet for an instantaneous moment… was it anything more? My heart pounds louder. I’m intoxicated on this aroma, my cheeks are blushed and my lips are dark red. Stop resisting, let go for god’s sake, give in to your attraction! Attraction is a combination of two irresistible forces: mixed fermented ales aged for over a year in Sangiovese wine barrels from Italy and red wine grapes from Michigan. 

Modern Physics – Vinobeer (2019) – 8% abv

Blend of barrel aged stout and ale w/De Chaunac red wine grapes

One night as Galileo Galilei starred into the heavens, the most profound thought occurred to him while sampling the latest vintage of wine from the local vineyards of Tuscany, “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” In our vinobeers though, which contain not only grapes, but barley, requires a more powerful force than water to hold together the cosmic rays of sunlight, yes, the force of beer! Modern Physics is a complex beast designed for aging to fully expose every last particle of sunshine, it combines our barrel aged red wine grape ale of Attraction with a Italian Sangiovese wine barrel aged stout.


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