Sublime Object  IPA  6% abv

You think you have it, but once again you’ve lost it. The divine light that shined on you has dimmed. This unquenchable quest of discovering the divine bottle blindly carriers you from place to place to place, wildly flying through flights with jumbled senses, only to find yourself chasing monsters. Come out from under the bed, a new dawn arises, and a bright sun explodes in all directions! Sublime Object is a playful combination of hops and touch of fruit with the goal of balance where both elements radiate. Dry hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Passionfruit.

Wawaka Pils  –  German-style Pilsner  –  4.5%

Glitter blinds my eyes! So give me something outside of that ephemeral city life, give something that ain’t no trend, give me something that I can feel in my fingers. Maybe it ain’t that fancy, no big ole lines awaiting – but I want to taste the crisp flowery elegance that only can be found outside of the glitter. Give me a pilsner in small town America, surrounded by the farms that keep it running!

CAN CONDITIONED (carbonated 100% by yeast):

Amor Fati – Vinobeer  (2021) – 6.4% abv

Barrel aged ale w/La Crescent and St. Pepin white wine grapes

Love your fate… delight in the humor of the gods. As I opened the valve, fate seemed so cruel, everything became dark. Love your fate, traverse into unknown lands, even taboo fields. Venturing into the field of wine, digesting its literature, asking forbidden questions to demystify its foreign techniques and discover something called an “orange wine.” No, not a wine made from oranges, but a wine that is aged on white wine grape skins. Amor Fati after being aged for over a year in Italian wine barrels, it was then transferred onto white wine grapes, where it was then aged another two months, thus developing its golden orange color. Wine grapes from Clearspring vineyard in Lagrange County, Indiana. 

Barichara – Wine Barrel Aged Apricot  6.0% abv

Mountains have a way of preserving treasures. Deep in the Andes of Colombia, cobblestone streets turn into paths through fossilized remains, colonial architecture outshines Hollywood dreams, and smiles welcome an endless stream of strangers to its unmistakable beauty. Inspired by the magic that flows from the wells of el pueblo más bonito de Colombia, we crafted this little delight and placed it in wine barrels on a mixture of wild creatures that leave spicy barnyard notes to tickle the tongue, and once it decided to leave its cage, it sought out the fruits of apricots to combine into a humble work of art that resides in one beautiful afternoon in a place named Barichara. Salud amigos.

Santa Diabla  – Barrel Aged Raspberry/Blackberry  –  5.9% abv                                                                            

Is she a saint or a devil? Am I in love or is it merely infatuation? Does it matter? We will never really know the intention of the other. To live is to roll the dice, risk being burnt by the flames of hell or fly into the glorious saintly delights of the sky. Whether you find a devil or saint, maybe both, in this drink I do not know… Santa Diabla was aged for over two years in oak with a host of microbes and then re-fermented on top of blackberries and raspberries.

Que Chimba – Barrel aged guava – 6% abv

I arrived late to the party. “Que chimba,” he said as I walked through the door. What did it mean? I started to think about it as bodies passed me by and jokes floated over my head. Que chimba, que chimba, que chimba. Before I knew it, the party had ended and I missed it. As I sat down outside, a woman approached and handed me a beer. Soon enough, I forgot what I was thinking. I began to explore this complex creation. How the guava interacts with the funky characteristics of the microorganisms and the wine barrel. She smiled, and asked, “what do you think of it?” I replied, “that’s great!”

Funk Creature: Galaxy – Dry-hopped Barrel Aged – 6% abv

Why tempt the gods and play with thunder and lightning? To make electricity of course! The same could be asked about mixed fermentation. Why ferment with so many different creatures and such uncertainty for months or years, when anything could go wrong? To electrify the senses of course! Funk Creature is a complex golden ale fermented for an extended period in oak red wine barrels by various microorganisms and then dry-hopped with Galaxy hops. It can be drank fresh or aged over an extended period of time to watch it transform.

Attraction  – Vinobeer (2020)- 8.2% abv

Barrel aged ale with Marquette red wine grapes  

Do I dare? Our eyes meet for an instantaneous moment… was it anything more? My heart pounds louder. I’m intoxicated on this aroma, my cheeks are blushed and my lips are dark red. Stop resisting, let go for god’s sake, give in to your attraction! Attraction is a combination of two irresistible forces: mixed fermented ales aged for over a year in Sangiovese wine barrels from Italy and red wine grapes from Clearspring vineyard in Indiana. 


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